Spiritual Sight

January 17, 2019


“Those who walk in darkness have seen a great light.” - Isaiah 9:2


We see what we are able to see based on our construct of who we are in this world.


Material sight is a projection of belief. Essentially, we see what we believe.


Spiritual sight - faith - is expression.


Spiritual sight expresses truth and appears as a guide star in conscious reality.


St. Paul put it beautifully when he called faith “the evidence of things not seen.”


Faith doesn’t look for assurance but finds its proof within itself.


How can this be?


When we look for proof, we search in a secondary world.


When we walk by faith, we don’t let the world tell us who we are.


It reminds me of an old bumper sticker:

“Have a nice day! Unless you’ve made other plans.”


Sometimes we think it’s “spiritual” to accept the world’s disasters and our despair in the face of them.


This must be what life is about!


We’ve accepted some blinding limitations based on our pre-set beliefs.


We want to put a “spiritual spin” on the world we see and develop patient acceptance vis-à-vis this world.


But we projected limitations onto the world, and now we’re trying to adjust to what we see.


We don't have to adjust to the darkness when we can turn on the light.




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