What Do You Want?

January 15, 2019

 What do you want in this precious life?


If you're anything like me, you want infinite love, boundless vitality, and unending joy. 


If we really experienced unending joy, we'd get sick of it, wouldn't we?


Think of a time in your life when you experienced joy. Did you ever get sick of feeling this way?


Boredom is a reactive emotion, but joy is an expression of our true nature. You can't feel joyfully bored.


When you're feeling joyful, all activities become expressions of joy. 


We're not built to experience unending joy.


We can function normally without experiencing subjective distress. The body knows how to dodge careening cars while crossing the street, for example. We don't need to feel scared or upset in order to do this.


Won't the pursuit of unending joy make me self-absorbed?


Far from it! Let's say someone has an apple stand. Do you buy oranges from him?  


If we've only managed to rationalize heartache, then we only have rationalized heartache to give.


We have to discover joy before we can truly help anyone else. 


Once we discover joy, our only desire will be to share it with others, as all our needs and desires will have been met.


How do we attain unending joy? It doesn't seem to be readily available. 


True. But this is a misperception.  


Unending joy and infinite love are the essence of our lives.


They are always in consciousness somewhere, like a seed.


Pay attention to peace. Give yourself over to love. Let the seed of joy grow in your heart.


Don't take thought's ulterior avenues.


Stay at the center, with God.




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