Our Joy is Guaranteed

January 11, 2019


God is omnipotent and omnipresent, "a very present help in times of trouble." Our troubles each have  a unique form, but they all present the same, false claim: they tell us we are separate from God. 


The idea that negative events can simply befall us is terrifying, but it doesn't represent reality. It's a boondoggle that tries to keep us separate and small even when things are going well. In truth, we are not subject to random collisions with catastrophe.


You might ask, "Isn't spirituality about accepting bad things happen? Life doesn't happen according to our preferences, but according to God's will."


God's will is perfect happiness, health, and love.


Problems have nothing to do with God.


Because God is omnipotent, our joy is guaranteed. So we don't have to tiptoe around life, waiting for heartbreak. And we don't have to consider suffering a virtue.


Suffering isn't a virtue, but that doesn't mean we're trying to manifest mansions! Heaven is not in the things of this world, which "moths eat and rust destroys."


Heaven is the experience of infinite love.


Our true life is an expression of God's love. We are thus grateful for the "smallest" manifestation of God's goodness. We are grateful for every flower and smile.


With gratitude, we baptize every person and event with the name of good fortune. But any expression of limitation - this we don't accept!


Should we try to be grateful despite the terrifying prospect of our helplessness in the face of overwhelming problems? 


This is the materialistic view, or the view from the perspective of limitation. This view is compelling on the surface, but it's not a coherent perspective and it doesn't align with truth.


Our true reality is not limited or lacking.


The everpresence of God precludes any defect, malady, or affliction. Even if we seem to experience these would-be concerns, we know they don't characterize who we are in truth.


We can see this clearly when we start with truth and work backwards.


When we experience profound joy and limitless love, it feels natural. In fact, it's the most natural experience there is. Suffering requires an explanation. But there is no explanation for it, except misplaced attention.


Apparent problems are an opportunity to accept the reality of God's infinite love. We can look beyond apparent limitation to God's infinity, here and now.


Photo by Robert Lukeman.



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