The Path Within

January 6, 2019


There are two paths we can take: the outward path or the inward path.


If you take the inward path, you’ll never regret it.


In the middle of life, you found yourself lost in deep woods.


You tried every path, and they all disappeared into the undergrowth.


Maybe you saw through the calling you thought you’d have forever.


It was full court press and now you’re on the sidelines, watching the game.


Suddenly, you notice it’s just a bunch of guys running back-and-forth.


You threw your lot in with one of the great, turning wheels of human endeavor.


What was it? The legal system, advocacy, research, healthcare, academia, politics, the church?


You start to see patterns, like the beads of a kaleidoscope falling into place.


Your young colleagues are full of hope, but they don’t know how things actually work.


Should you find something else to focus on? That’s always an option. But you’ve started out on many paths, and you’re still lost in the woods.


Awakening begins with the thought:

I’ve had enough, I’m going in.


In where? Into the heart.


Young people are full of hope and enthusiasm because they know their hearts are loving and they’ll bring this quality with them, even if they’re entering a hellscape.


They don’t need to know anything about the hellscape they’re entering because they know they’ll make it better with their love and attention.


What happened?


The fall comes when we think we know something.


We start to understand how things are supposed to work, and this ain’t it.


Knowing things isn’t automatically a problem.


What happened is we took the focus off ourselves.


When you know you don’t know anything, you’re forced to know yourself.


You say:

I don’t know anything, but I know I can give my love and attention.


To know there is an eternal fountain of love in your heart is to know yourself.


Do you want to get out of the woods?


Take the inward path. The biggest decision you’ll ever make is:

Do I go out, or do I go in?

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