The Light of the World

January 6, 2019

You are the light of the world. - Matthew 5:14


Matthew 5-7, also known as The Sermon on the Mount, is a compilation of Jesus’ core teachings. If you want to understand what Jesus said, it’s all there.

The Sermon on the Mount can be divided into three sections:

  1. Introduction. (Matthew 5:3–12, Beatitudes) The message of Christianity is called “the good news” based on the vigor of these verses. Like any good speaker, Jesus introduces his sermon by pitching the benefits of his radical outlook on life.

  2. The Truth. (Matthew 5:13–16) The truth Jesus was trying to convey is contained in these short verses. We’ll get to that in a moment.

  3. The Practice. (Matthew 5:17 - 7:29) The rest of the Sermon tells us how people who accept these teachings should live.

Let’s get back to The Truth.

  • Jesus’ core message is that we have no real life outside God.

We are not abandoned and woebegone creatures, bumbling along, trying to grab a little gusto where we can.


We are like salt, Jesus said.


If salt lost its saltiness, what would you salt it with?


Because we think we are cut-off from God, we use rituals and practices to realign ourselves with God.


All these practices are technically idolatrous, as they all accept the premise that we exist apart from God.


You are the light of the world.


We are God’s expression. We came here to extend infinite love, yet we act like we lost it and we have to find it in the world.


We can’t find love in the world - we can only find its counterfeit versions.

Love is in the heart - the Kingdom of God is within.


It’s as if someone had a brilliant lamp which they put in the closet, then asked why the world is so dark.


Jesus was trying, with both patience and urgency, to remind us of our true identity.


He was trying to tell us who we are.



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