The Kingdom of God is at Hand

January 6, 2019

Sometimes, a little translation error can cause a big misunderstanding.


When President John F. Kennedy visited Berlin, he tried to express solidarity with Berlin residents by saying: Ich bin ein Berliner! 


This statement actually means: "I am a jelly doughnut!"


Fortunately, the people of Berlin knew what he was trying to say.


But sometimes we don't know what what a speaker was trying to say, especially when we're contending with translation after translation.


In Matthew 3:2, Jesus is quoted as saying, "Repent! The kingdom of heaven is at hand!"


Sounds intimidating, doesn't it?


When looked at with the eyes of understanding, we know this saying means:


"Have a change of heart! The kingdom of heaven is here and now."


God is all and God is good.


If we’re not comfortable with God talk, we can say "Being" or "Awareness."


The infinite goodness of What Is precludes all would-be disaster.


In truth, there is only God and God’s perfect idea, or dance. We are God’s perfect reflection.


Life is all.


Sickness, disaster, and death are momentary illusions, entertained in a moment of distraction.


God doesn’t cause bad things to happen.


Strictly speaking, the Divine doesn’t know a momentary dream is occurring, in which these things seem to take place.


We don’t have to accept the illusion and find a plausible strategy to deal with it - we just need to turn our attention back to the truth.


The more we accept God’s love is all, the more we remove apparent symptoms of disharmony and demonstrate the perfection of our real, eternal life.

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