Climb Every Mountain

January 6, 2018

When things "go wrong," don't you try to figure out what happened? You do a root-cause analysis of the problem. If the problem persists, so does the analysis.


What would be the opposite of having a problem? Laughing with friends, or walking on the beach at sunset, holding your beloved's hand. Or playing frisbee with the dog! Do these require a root-cause analysis? Let's say you spent your life in peace, love and bliss. At your journey's apparent end, would you trouble the Angel of Light with a list of serious questions? I think not.


You'd thank the Angel for your happy life vacation. Then, you'd continue to experience love and bliss in the more abstract fashion of the angels. (Of course you are one of the angels already - you are just leading a double life. Shhh!)


Your present life is nothing but an endless, kaleidoscopically  reconfiguring metaphor for Love. It always occurs, and at the same time, nothing occurs at all.


What's the magic trick for experiencing ultimate love and bliss? How do you, as they say, "get enlightened?"


Simple: don't let anything else get your attention. 


If you've seen The Sound of Music, maybe you remember the inspiring song, "Climb Every Mountain." If not, the refrain goes like this: [Your life-dream will need] all the love you can give, every day of your life, for as long as you live!"


Your Life = All the Love you Can Give, Every Day of your Life. That's it - that's all it is.


Notice the song is called, "Climb Every Mountain," not "Worry About Every Problem." 


Oh, and once you start giving Love, you've already found your dream. 


Keep on climbing, you trekker!







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