Wisdom or Conflict

December 31, 2017

Do you want a successful life? 


I'm not against it, but if only you could see the cosmic joke! This life is as close to death as you're ever going to get.


Don't misunderstand me - dying in an apparent, biological way won't do you any good - you'll just start the program again after a brief intermission. 


This program of conflict and lack of love is itself the problem. It covers your vision and it's blocking your view of the Kingdom.


The Kingdom of God is like a financial adviser. His client lost money in a high-risk investment and he's taking the adviser to court. But the adviser has proof that he acted competently. His records show that he advised lower risk, diversified investments every step of the way. The adviser knows he'll win the case, and he imagines his former client will get a sharp rebuke from the judge for maligning his reputation and wasting his time.


On his way to court,  the adviser realizes the case will become public record. Win or lose, his clients' trust will be affected. He immediately calls the dissatisfied client, apologizes, and promises to make arrangements to compensate him for part of his losses. 


This wise adviser knows: even if he wins in court, he loses if he's taken to court. He apologizes and makes amends regardless of who is "right." 


When your tiresome program of conflict is running, even when you win, you lose. When you shut it down you always win, even if you lose.

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