Spontaneous Manifestation

December 30, 2017

You are the Beloved; you are Love itself, and you are the love that joins them. If someone thinks you're something else, they're mistaken. Knowing your true identity is your best protection.


I know the temptation to focus on ways you think you've been victimized, but where do I begin?


First, this position depends on a false identification with a "self" that can be hurt. You are not this "self." You are Love itself.


Second, you invented all this when you thought, for a second, that you don't deserve infinite love. In the instant you had this thought, its "world" was created. This world is nothing other than the thought: "I don't deserve infinite love." Clearly, this world is going to be a bit bizarre. Why focus on the symptoms?


Third, infinite love immediately transformed your delusion of unlove into a therapy center to help you, and all the troublemakers you populated your world with were immediately transformed into angels in disguise.


Fourth, the position of victimization makes you feel smart and insightful - a bit special, really - like a light unto a darkened world. When you see yourself as the true source of virtue in a corrupt world, you'll wander like a banshee through waterless lands, carrying your lamp of darkness.


That's not what I want for you. Besides, the opposite is true:

Your apparent self is the only pinpoint of darkness is a world of all-encompassing light.


As infinite love is all-encompassing, even the troublemakers of your world are instantly transformed into angels of God from the sheer weight of infinite love pressing all around. God can't see anything other than God's own perfection, so the tiniest droplet of apparent darkness is instantly transformed into light.  


Your world is nothing but the spontaneous manifestation of God's own perfection. You thought it was something else for a second. Look again.


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