Don't You Know?

December 28, 2017

God loves you infinitely, don't you know?


Hasn't God summoned all this so you can come home?


You think this world represents the absence of God's love. I tell you, wherever you go, God is there.


God is the mustard seed in your soil and the leaven in your dough. God transforms your hiding place into the Kingdom of God. 


You went to the ends of the earth to hide from God's love. You closed your blinds, locked your doors, and planted thick hedges. Then, you climbed into bed and pulled the covers over your head.


You think you don't deserve love. You think you have to prove your worth, so you invented a world of dragons to slay and innocents to rescue. How silly! In reality, you are always home with God.


Only your guilt separates you from God's love. You are like the prodigal son: you squandered your inheritance and lived in hunger and filth. Then, you remembered you're the son of wealth. You returned as a wretched failure, asking to be treated as the lowest servant. Instead, you were embraced as a beloved son. 


We are all the prodigal son, thinking we don't deserve infinite love. We made wrong choices and we squandered the wealth of the spirit.


But I tell you, you can't act outside of God's will, so your every choice piloted your journey home by the shortest route.


You think you've made wrong choices, but that would be impossible. And we all return as wretched failures because there was never anything to be done.


There is a righteous brother in the story who thinks he made good choices and never left God's side. He's jealous of his brother's return to the full embrace of Love.


I tell you, even this brother is the prodigal son, because he doesn't understand that Love is already his. 


Your sense of separation from God is based on guilt. Occasionally, you manage to deny your guilt and think you've done everything right. Most things, anyway.


In your denial, you make a fearful idol of God and believe God will love you only if you do the right things. In your denial, you have excluded yourself from Love as certainly as when you feel guilty and ashamed.


You don't have to swing, like a pendulum, between feeling self-righteous and feeling guilty and ashamed.


Both you and your brother are innocent. And there is nothing you can do to earn Love - Love is already here.



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