December 23, 2017

Give to everyone who asks. Do you think it's an accident they ran into you and you ran into them? I tell you, they are angels of God in disguise. 


Do you think they will squander your money? Give a dollar, then. You have a hundred times more money than they do, yet you cling to your bank account like a life raft on a tossing sea.


Your only work in this world is to love, but you forgot that the moment you arrived and you started doing almost everything else. Now you are going to complain about someone else's behavior? There must be something in the water here. 


Who should you give your money, time and attention to?

Whoever asks is enough. If they show up in your mailbox, inbox, or ambit, give to them.


If you start feeling pinched, just give a smile or a moment of your attention. Make the person in question feel worthwhile and validated, even if you think you can't give to them or their cause. 


If you start to feel resentful, just notice your mind. You've thrown the judgment machine into the "on" position. Are any of your assumptions really true of this person or cause?


I find it helpful to think everyone else is already enlightened, and they're doing what they're doing to help me wake up. They're all God's angels in disguise, and as usual I am the last to know.

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