The Seed

December 19, 2017

You think your attitude doesn't matter much, so you're prone to act out of anger. You think the world changes when you get your message out. But if you're fighting fire with fire, you're not promoting change, but more of the same.


Love grows like a seed and it grows quietly, out of sight. It happens like this: you put a little birdseed out for the chickadees, and one morning you notice that your yard is full of sunflowers.


It's fine to be an advocate, but remember: social advocacy isn't love - it's social advocacy. Your intention is good, but if you're yelling in anger or intimidating your opponent, you're not being loving. 


You say, "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable!" But I say, "comfort the afflicted and take care not to afflict anyone else."


Don't turn the wheel of affliction. 


Is your intention to stand up for the victims of bigotry and oppression? Your intention is good, but remember: when we hold anger in our hearts, the downtrodden of today become tomorrow's oppressors. 


Just allow the seed of love to grow in your heart, and all things will be made new again.



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