The Universal Radiance

December 18, 2017

I could tell you enlightenment is all around you until I'm blue in the face, but clearly you seek enlightenment because you don't see it or feel it. You only see and feel "your life."


Try not to read these words to make your life better. You don't yet know what your life is. These words are trying to reacquaint you with your life.


If you let these words touch your heart even a little, a thousand gardens of heaven will bloom this instant. So if you have even one good ear, please try to listen.


You are the Light of God; you are the Universal Radiance. For the moment, it seems you have chosen not to lavish yourself on all things. Maybe you think you're saving your Love Light for your family and friends. But you don't seem to be lavishing love on your family or even yourself.


What are you doing? It's like you lit a lamp and put it in the closet.


Love expands forever and its only function is to be given freely.


Imagine if a country tried to have an economy while encouraging everyone to keep their money under the bed. Absurd! In a short time, no one would have any money at all. They'd spend it, each alone, then it would all be gone.


The function of currency is exchange and investment. The function of love is the same.


You think you're happily sitting on Love like a chicken on her eggs. At the same time, you think you're better than other people, at least some of them. How silly! True love expands infinitely and includes everyone. 


Just let yourself go into love, and everything will fall into place.



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