Seek, and You Will Find

December 16, 2017

As you hikers out there know, being lost in the woods is a very different experience from being on the trail. When you're lost, you're tramping around frantically, looking for marked trees and trying not to listen to your fear. By contrast, if you're hiking on a well-marked trail, you know where you are and you're enjoying the scenery and loving the day.


Both the walk and the woods can be entirely identical, but the experience changes radically based on whether you consider yourself to be lost.


"Seek, and you will find." When we hear this in relation to the spiritual search, we assume that what we'll find is the jade monkey of enlightenment itself. We're looking for that golden key and we know it's hidden somewhere. But after having some experience of setting out, I realize what we're looking for is the trail itself.


Think of it this way: hikers don't search for the end of the trail - which generally loops back on itself, anyway - they search for the access point. When you've found the trail, your search is over. This is why I sometimes say, "the path and the goal are one."


Seek, and you will find the access point to the path. The path is always open before you, like a door to a greater dimension. The path is always right here


"Seek, and you will find" doesn't refer to spiritual wandering. (The ancient masters who used this teaching, including Jesus of Nazareth, were far smarter than that.)


Seek, and you will find right away. Knock, and the door will open immediately.  You will find the end of wandering, but not necessarily the end of walking. 


Do you see what I mean? Instead of trying to worry things out with the machinations of the personal mind, we can connect with Love right away. We can throw our cares onto the infinite, knowing we are found.


If we've discovered even the most rudimentary means of doing this, and are able to trust it enough to try, what does it matter if we're just starting out?


If the path is one of love and joy, who wants it to end? And how would it end, when it loops back on itself?





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