Enlightenment: The Ever-Present Reality

December 13, 2017


Enlightenment is present all the time. We stumble on it eventually as we grow tired of non-enlightenment.


Enlightenment is the quiet mind.   


It's like watching the snow fall in the woods to experience its silence. We abandon our homes just to be with the silence. We don't ask why because the snow is already falling inside us. 


Enlightenment is here and now - the infinite freedom is here. Why do I stress this point so much?


Because we are like children, lost in make-believe.


Each moment is new like the falling snow.


We think we've been here before, but we are mistaken.


We get to work and greet our co-workers. We think we've seen them before.


But we've never seen these people and we've never been to this place.


The moment is new. Not temporally new - eternally new.  


This is not a philosophical point and we don't have to argue the facts of causation and time. Just watch it happen.


The child plays work, plays school, plays house. It's an innocent fantasy. 


Infinity seems to mirror itself like two objects touching. We call this the inside and the outside.


It's not real, but no one's trying to dupe us. You see, there is no one here.


What is illusion?


You'd temporarily had your hands over your eyes as the Beloved led you into the great surprise party. That's all. 


The wise weep with joy when they see the snow, because they've never seen snow before, even in the north.   


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