• Jay Matthews

Is Limitation Real?

The error of limitation disappears when we examine it, like the error 2 + 3 = 4 is corrected when we check our work.

An oar in the water looks broken when viewed from above. When we examine the oar, we find it’s whole. If God is all and God is good, why does the world seem broken?

It’s a good question, but one that’s impossible to answer on its own level. It’s like asking for an account of a counting error. It’s like saying, “Bring me the broken oar!”

The would-be problem is the idea of limitation, itself. It’s a distorted perception which sees the infinite as limited and the eternal as vulnerable.

When a problem seems to appear, we don’t have to engage it to “remove” it.

Problems are like a magician’s handkerchief, which he waves to distract our attention. When our attention is on the problem, we don’t see the absurdity of what it suggests.

Someone might ask:

As long as we understand God is All, why should it matter if there’s a mosquito bite on this body, or a sprained ankle on that one, or a plumbing problem in the house down the street?

It’s a good question. But we ask this question because we think error is contained in a human mind, which would be fine otherwise, if it didn’t contain the error. But error is the very idea that a limited mind exists.

The “finite world” is also the “finite body,” which is not different from the false idea of limited mentality. The mosquito bite IS the false idea of limitation, if you see what I mean.

It sits right where infinite Love actually is.



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