Jay Jennifer Matthews


You are never separate from Love.

When you realize the truth:

  1. You don’t experience hope or fear. These phenomena would be like searching for change under couch cushions when you have a thousand dollars in your wallet and a million in the bank.

  2. You’re not looking for rescue because the kingdom of heaven is here.

  3. You love everyone like they’re your own children. In order to dislike someone, you’d have to turn the fountain of love off for a moment, and you’re no longer willing to do that to yourself.

  4. Your love is like a landscape. Your consciousness is an aperture through which a radiant world is perpetually in view. You face into reality’s mirror, as we all do, but you know reality is within.

  5. Your poles have reverted back to their proper alignment. Before, you felt vulnerable. Now, you experience eternity, and the universe seems small, like a grain of sand.

  6. You witness that each humble thing is a reflection of the great perfection, like a song.


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